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AKRI Innovation Services

AKRI offers a core innovation service for organisations that is based on many years research working with some of the UKs successful companies. The core service also forms the core material for two additional services that organisations may prefer to use.

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Innovation Workshop Programme

The Innovation Workshop Programme is intended to help senior managers and decision makers to fully understand innovation and culture within the specific context of their own organisation. Whilst the workshops do offer suggestion and solutions, their main aim is to promote the design of a fit for purpose innovation programme for each organisation using the knowledge and capability from within the organisation itself and therefore creating a sustainable scheme.

The core innovation service employs a series of workshops that are intended to help an organisation formulate its own innovation policy; one that suits the particular needs of a specific organisation and not a general off the peg solution.

If off the peg is what is wanted, and it is a shame if it is, the workshop program does provide a focus solution that is studied during the workshop. It provides a specific and detailed innovation process and offers a workable innovation policy.

However, the intention of the workshops are to use this to help guide the delegates towards their own policy that does provide innovation but meets the specific needs of the unique organisation.

Details of the workshop programme can be found here.

A book, based on the early research and which forms the core material for the workshops, is outlined here.

Innovation Coaching

Innovation Coaching is intended to allow senior staff to gradually understand innovation and its potential for a specific organisation. Coaching can be organised in a flexible way that suits the needs of the organisation. The potential deliverables for innovation coaching are the same as those from a workshop programme but the delivery will be varied and less structured and may therefore be carried out over a longer period of time.

Business Culture

Business Culture will improve the organisations understanding of how the environment at work can either support and enhance innovation or can depress and even repress innovation. The service can be run as a set of informal meetings or as a workshop and it will allow senior decision makers to understand what they need to do to gradually change the culture within their organisation into one that supports and actively promotes innovation.