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Business Knowledge Assessment

A Business Knowledge Assessment offers an opportunity for business leaders to come to a greater understanding about the way that the knowledge that drives a business is currently utilised. The assessment also provides information concerning any potential problems with knowledge utilisation and will highlight good practice when identified so that this can be encouraged across the business.

A Business Knowledge Assessment is a good way for organisations to either make a start on making more effective use of its knowledge resource and developing it or to review the progress it is currently making through concerted efforts to develop and utilise the knowledge resource more effectively.

Elements of the Assessment

  • A major component of the assessment will be a discussion with business leaders about the activities of the business, how business is conducted, the environment that the business operates in and critically, how staff contribute to business success.
  • A second element will be a tour of the business working environment and an explanation of the compartmentalisation of activities and the roles of staff.
  • A third and important element will be several informal meetings with individuals from a selected and representative group of staff from the operational areas of the business including front line operations and support activities.

Basic Premise of the ResultsSummarise Map

The results are based on the premise that the Business Knowledge Resource is a key factor in business success. Furthermore, the knowledge resource is held and applied by the staff that carry out the activities that constitute the business.

The results will address:

  • What needs to be known by the business
  • What the staff know about the business activities
  • The roles of experts within the business
  • The availability and utility of support and development for the knowledge resource
  • The barriers and enablers that influence the application and growth of business knowledge
  • Options for Change and Improvement

Assessment leading to Study

The Business Knowledge Assessment will be a relatively short duration activity. It will aim to bring results to the managers in control within eight working days of starting work on the project. This is subject to efficient scheduling and completion of activities.

Managers will also be given the opportunity to consider a more detailed knowledge study and analysis of business knowledge areas. The analysis focuses on the risks associated with the knowledge resource and on options for dealing with those risks. Knowledge Study and Analysis will also offer longer term monitoring of risk reduction and knowledge growth. If it is considered useful, a detailed presentation of the methods and approaches to Knowledge Study and Analysis will be provided as well as help in selecting the most appropriate business areas to apply it to.

The Benefits

  • A greater understanding of the role of the business knowledge resource
  • Highlighting knowledge resource good and bad practices
  • Options to improve the utility of the business knowledge resource
  • Options to develop a more thorough knowledge risk and growth analysis

(A more compact business knowledge resource consultation is available as a lower commitment option)