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Specialising in Knowledge Study and Analysis

  • It is people who hold the knowledge resource
  • It is managers who must manage it for the organisation
  • Knowledge Structure Mapping provides the information managers need

Business in harmony with the knowledge resource

The knowledge which allows an organisation to operate is held and applied by the people who are the organisation, its staff. The knowledge that people have about how to carry out the tasks which make the organisation function and the knowledge they have about how, when and where to apply that knowledge are all critical pieces of the knowledge structure which the organisation needs for success.

Knowledge is the core business asset

To say that knowledge is important to a business is to grossly understate its value. The knowledge resource is the business. Whilst there are a great many elements of a business that must be managed, the knowledge resource offers particular management challenges. Dealing with these challenges rather than letting things take their course is an option open to organisations.

Knowledge Structure Mapping takes on the business challenge

Knowledge Structure Mapping was designed to help managers to manage the invisible knowledge resource; the knowledge resource that lives inside the heads of the staff. It is what staff know and do which defines how an organisation performs. Staff are the knowledge resource and the knowledge resource is the organisation.

Your Options

You can find out about Knowledge Structure Mapping by asking for a demonstration. A demonstration is a great way to discover Knowledge Structure Mapping. In the mean time, you can look through the information on this site by clicking on the menu tabs at the top of this page.

If you are from a small organisation you can ask about a Business Knowledge Assessment to help you to discover the value of the knowledge resource and provide you with options to make the most of it.







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The most recent web site in the group specialises in the understanding of knowledge and is a much less formal site that intends to discuss knowledge and related concepts in an open way.